The Most Common CV Mistake.

The one mistake that never fails to lose you the job.

Finding Your Passion

Knowing what you're passionate about is hard. Searching to find out what you are passionate about is even harder. However, after reading this you will hopefully have the skills to find out what truly motivates you.

Free Work

Working for free is to apply your skills and passions to a business or project where the work you are doing is meaningful and matters to you.

Stand Out In Interviews

How to stand out at interviews without actually having to leave your bedroom. And it's fun! What more could you want?

Find Out What You Should Do When You Graduate

When we ask students what they want to do in the future, the most common answer we hear is simply "I have no idea". Read this for 3 ways to find out what you want to do when you graduate.

Reasons You Wont Find A Graduate Job You Love

Did you know that 3 out of 5 graduates regret the first graduate job they take? Read this to see 4 reasons, you too, will hate your graduate job.

Make Your Passion Pay

Here we give you 3 ways to make your passion pay the bill. You don't have to just hope one day it brings in the money.

The After University Gap Year Guide

You've been in education since you were 5 and now you're about to begin a 9-5 job until you retire. How about one last year of freedom?!

What To do At Uni To Make Sure You Get A Grad Job

At university it's easy to get absorbed into the uni bubble. We have looked at 6 things that you can do at university to give you the best chance of getting a graduate job.

4 Steps To Turn Your Internship Into A Job Offer

Internships can be a fantastic way to get your foot in the door at a company.The Company obviously already sees you as a good fit for the company culture. You now just have a trial run to see what you can do.