Job Role: Travel Expert

Company Info:

You know you should work for STA Travel when:

When youre idea of a ‘relaxing holiday’ is a three-day trek followed by volunteering in the jungle

If someone wears a suit to work you automatically think 'INTERVIEW’!

Your travel clinic nurse refers to as the 'human pin cushion'

You sign your business emails with 'no worries'.

Job Description:

You might have sold tickets to a beach party in Thailand or taught snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. But being here still beats being at most workplaces.

Working at one of the world’s most successful travel services companies, here’s the chance to use your selling skills while talking about interesting products to like-minded customers in a sociable team with colleagues who don’t (usually) take themselves too seriously.

It’s not a holiday, of course. You’ll have to be well organised and IT-literate. There’ll be targets to work to and you’ll need to follow guidelines. Most of all, you’ll ensure customers have the best experience imaginable when they book a life-changing holiday or gap year with us.

The experience and skills of Travel Expert is the basis of the success of STA Travel, and for our customers you are the company. Your primary responsibility is to achieve sales targets and generate revenue through meeting or exceeding customer needs and expectations through promotion of STA Travel preferred products. Travel Experts are responsible for ensuring that they promote and support the STA Travel company values & behaviours and promote the company culture.

Your day will be busy and varied - no two days will ever be the same. Working as a STA Travel Expert is not for the faint hearted! It’s hard work, the hours can be long and it’s a steep learning curve for the first 6 months, but it’s fun! You’ll meet some great people and don’t forget you’re helping make peoples dreams come true by sending them off to experience other countries and cultures around the world!

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