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Job Role: Operational Research Programme

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You might be surprised. Because British Airways offers much more than you might expect. In a business as large and complex as ours, the opportunities are varied and the list of fascinating challenges endless. And this can be seen on our graduate programmes too, with the level of responsibility, scope and range of work on offer. Our programmes are tailored to provide graduates with a good understanding of the business to develop and equip them with the skills they need to go on to be successful in their careers.

From Jigsaw Precisionists to Possibility Furnishers discover what British Airways has to offer, regardless of your programme choice.

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The programme

If you enjoy unravelling a never-ending supply of data and solving complex business problems, then our Operational Research graduate programme is perfect for you. Carrying out intricate analysis in fine detail and answering some of the most challenging questions we face, you'll enjoy real personal and financial responsibility. And unlike many OR programmes in other businesses, you also get to develop your consultancy skills, working with internal clients across the airline - not just to solve their problems but help them ask the right questions to begin with. So if you thrive on the kind of OR challenges a global brand like BA has to offer, then your personal career journey starts here.

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