Job Role: Pilot Training - easyJet MPL (Multi-crew Pilot Licence)

Company Info:

With over 220 aircraft flying over 700 routes to more than 30 countries, easyJet is the 4th largest airline in Europe, and tenth largest in the world. Being one of our pilots isn’t just about flying planes. You’ll be part of one of the biggest success stories in modern aviation.

Join our team of co-pilots, Captains and trainers and you’ll take on a key leadership role and set the highest standards of professionalism in everything you do. Seeing the big picture as clearly as you do the finer detail, you’ll make sound decisions and always make safety your number one priority.

Highly skilled and passionate about flying, you’ll love the fact that on average our Airbus aircraft are only five years old. And even more new aircraft will be landing shortly. Thanks to the huge diversity of routes we fly from our various bases across Europe, you’ll also experience some of the more challenging airport destinations. And as we’re short haul, there’s lots of variety, quick turnarounds, short flights and sometimes multiple take-offs and landings in a single day.

Job Description:

You can join this course with one of our flight training partners even if you have little or no previous flying experience and be trained to achieve the necessary qualifications in less than two years. The easyJet MPL First Officer course is delivered by the flight training schools but uses our own specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the concepts of Crew Resource Management (CRM). At the end of the programme, providing all examinations are passed to a reasonable level, an MPL cadet will join easyJet as a Second Officer on contract.

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