Job Role: Arts Facilitator

Company Info:

Since our founding at the beginning of the Millennium, the following statements have been held as universal truths by Bigfoot Arts Education.

- The arts have the power to unleash children’s extraordinary abilities and talents, so we must help them find their spark, and the sooner, the better.
- All forms of the arts are valid – from theatre to filmmaking, painting to dance, music to yoga – All of which Bigfoot provides in abundance!
- Children must be given the space to freely express themselves without the fear of judgement.
- The best learning results are achieved by making learning seriously fun and play-full.

"Bigfoot is not just the largest arts education organisation in the UK; we are a nationwide creative arts movement! Each week our Bigfooters – the crème de la crème of arts facilitators – challenge 35,000+ children to be courageous learners."

Job Description:

Bigfooters-in-training, it has been a long and demanding journey to be an arts facilitator. Your CVs have been scrutinised and verified and your references have been carefully checked. You have done artistic battle against other Bigfoot hopefuls in our competitive selection process, proving yourself wise and able in the art of lesson planning, adaptation and facilitation skills. Many of you are graduates with at least three years experience working with children in a variety of settings. Yet, you have embraced additional training in Child Protection, Supply and PPA work and have shadowed our most experienced and Knowledgeable Bigfoot Mentors in pursuit of professional excellence.

We can therefore say, with complete confidence, that you are the best trained actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, circus specialists, physical theatre practitioners, filmmakers, designers, painters and poets in the land.

And as such, it is now time for you to take The Bigfoot Pledge.
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