Job Role: Design (Software Design or User Experience Design)

Company Info:

We live in a moment of remarkable change and opportunity. Data and technology are transforming industries, society and even the workplace—by creating professions that didn’t exist before the emergence of data, cloud, social and mobile. At IBM we are the driving force behind this change. Our pursuit to make the world work better has helped doctors develop personalised, more effective treatments for cancer, improved energy production and even created a computer which can design its own delicious recipes. We are looking for people who have the skills creativity and passion to help us in tackling the world’s toughest problems, people like you.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to be an IBMer don’t hesitate to apply.

Join us and see what you can make with IBM.

Job Description:

Great brands differentiate themselves through the design of their products and services. When IBM Design was established in 2012, we began a journey to transform how IBM conceives, builds and delivers products and services to our users around the world. We want to elevate the human experience as the principal benchmark; users - not raw technology or buyers - are now our North Star. Our strategy for doing this is simple, great IBM talent using great IBM practices.

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