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Guestlist - Graduate Jobs | A Range of Business Roles


Job Role: A Range of Business Roles

Company Info:

Guestlist is a multi media platform. We run a monthly newspaper full of fashion, travel, festivals, film and a variety of sections for different music genres which include interviews with artists and comprehensive event listings. As well as this we make the odd film, get people on the guest list for clubs and run social media campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Job Description:

Our brand ethos is based on positivity and spreading good news. We are 5 years old but in essence still a start up. We are pleased to be in a position where we can now offer more real jobs where people love what they are doing. We achieved this with many years of hard work by wonderful interns and our core team.

As well as the new job openings and limited paid full time internships we will continue to offer voluntary experience on a very flexible basis to people who wish to learn, get experience in their chosen field or see if they have what it takes to become a paid intern or a member of staff here at Guestlist.

We would like to state clearly that most individuals do not have the drive or put in the time it takes to bring enough value to earn a salary.

Everyone who comes to Guestlist is given the opportunity to learn valuable lessons. We spend time working on what is most important for you to achieve your dreams as well as to build ours. Of course we always wish to build our dreams together but If you are not ready to get a job with us we will try our utmost to prepare you for work in the larger universe.

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