Job Role: Trainee Designer

Company Info:

Imagine turning raw fabric into the Seasonís hottest dress. Or bulk-buying a trend before our competitors even know it exists. And how much of a buzz would it be to see one of your designs on your favourite celeb, in your favourite magazine?

Your career at Next will be full of satisfying moments like these. To make them happen, just apply for one of our trainee roles at our Leicester Head Office.

From super-creative Buyers to super-logical Merchandisers, each position is suited to different skillsets and different personalities. They do have a couple of things in common though: ongoing, high-quality training and a clear career ladder that can take you all the way to the top of Britainís biggest fashion retailer.

While there are loads of opportunities for our trainees, places are limited. So youíll need more than just the right background. We want to be convinced that youíve got a real desire to be part of our íNextí generation. If thatís you, we can offer you a great future. Come and join us.

Job Description:

Our Designers shape future trends Ė and itís their innovations that strengthen our place at the forefront of the high street. As a Trainee Designer, youíll be expected to pick up the creative mantle.

So what will you actually be doing?

Working closely with buyers, merchandisers and other designers in an energetic environment, youíll produce stylish products in the latest colours and fashions. But inspiration doesnít just happen. Youíll need to research current and predicted trends, create stories and keep a close eye on our competitors, so we can stay ahead of the pack.
Whoís right for the job?

It goes without saying that youíll have a feel for fashion and a love of design. However, an eye for a cute cut isnít enough. To craft a bestseller, commercial considerations are just as important. Youíll need a real understanding of our customersí needs, tastes and aspirations.

Designers are right on the creative front line and sometimes youíll find yourself under pressure. Staying calm, organised and professional in these sorts of situations is an absolute must.

In this role, a relevant degree level qualification is essential, while previous experience in the fashion industry is a bonus for both of us.

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