Diabetes UK

Job Role: General Role

Company Info:

Diabetes UK is the leading charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of every person affected by or at risk of diabetes.

We provide information, help and peer support, so people with diabetes can manage their condition effectively. We are one of the largest funders of diabetes research in the UK.

Job Description:

You can volunteer at our central office, based in Camden Town, London, or at any of our regional offices. There are many areas within the organisation which could benefit from your time and experience.

The sorts of roles which volunteers are currently involved in include: organising events, providing administration support, researching and gathering information, and helping with enquiries.

Our office volunteers bring with them a vast range of skills and experience. Diabetes UK has a very flexible approach to your commitment: we want you to be able give the time that suits you while making the best use of the skills and experience you have.

Equally, the length of volunteer service varies considerably. Some volunteers stay with us for many years. Others only have a short amount of time to offer and move on to other things. Some posts are more full-time because of the nature of the role, while others are more flexible.

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