How To Make Your Passion Pay

make your passion pay with sute

So... You have found your passions but there just isn't enough money in it. Here are 3 ways to still find your way up the career ladder without forgoing your passions.

  1. Start your own business
  2. Work for a company who is passionate about the same things you are
  3. Work for a company with a focus on work life balance

If your passion won't pay the way - Start a business based on your passion

You will most likely have other friends who are passionate about similar things to you. These people who share the same interests and passions as you are the perfect people to go into business with. You are all going to be passionate about your product and also really know your market. If you're still at university you can work on your project during your free time.

There are plenty of opportunities to work on things that matter to you and also make money. Let's look at three examples: football, art and cooking.


You could set up a coaching academy over the holidays for children. Or develop a product to help with training like nutrition bars or training equipment.


You could start DIY pottery workshops or develop the art community in your area by organising open studio nights or a small gallery.


Many people make their millions by being on the next foodie craze - healthy popcorn or vegetable crisps. Alternatively you could open a cafe or start a food revolution (look at what graze have done here).

These examples are specific to their industries but as we have just shown, your passions can lead plenty of different business opportunities.

Peruse your passion by working for a company with the same passion as you

So we have built an entire job search website on the back of this concept so we really believe it works. Working for a company who builds and sells what you love is a perfect fit. You don't have the risk of your passion not paying enough whist still loving what you do. We have jobs listed for a whole host of interests right through from Sport to Fashion or Travel.

Not only does it work because you're working with your interest but you might even perform better. If you're passionate about the product or company then you are far more likely to work hard and excel in that environment as you know your customer and believe in what your working on. Working on something that matters to you can lead to greater job satisfaction and a real drive to make the company a succeed.

Don't follow your passion a career, keep it as a hobby

So even though this sounds like signing up to a life of misery - not doing what you love. Some industries just don't pay too well and if you value money highly then it might be best to keep your passion as your hobby. A job that pays well and has good scope for career progression can keep you engaged and driven even if you're not super passionate about the industry. You can always do acting or cooking on the side; whilst earning a better wage than you could in your preferred industry.

We hope that you can now see that you don't need to give up your passions in the pursuit of money. Following your passion can be a long road and if you're prepared to go down it in the pursuit of what you love you are opening up your life to the opportunity of really loving what you do.

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