4 Reasons You Wont find a Graduate Job You Love

Did you know that 3 out of 5 graduates regret the first graduate job they take? With websites such as glassdoor, it's surprising to think that graduates don't have a sense of what the job will be like before starting.

So what you have to do to make sure you like your first graduate job?

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4 reasons graduates aren't happy with their graduate jobs

  • People telling them "you're lucky to have a job"
  • Only looking at a small selection of graduate schemes
  • Having no job search strategy for finding happiness in your job
  • Not being personal enough to the employers you want to work for

"You're lucky to have a graduate job, even if you hate it"

One of the most dangerous things that you can believe is that you are lucky to get a graduate job. Having plunged into recession in 2008 and with over half of young graduates taking jobs that don't require degrees, we are often told that we should take what we can get when it comes to graduate jobs. Therefore, graduates are taking jobs at places that don't interest them and won't lead to a career they want in the future. There are plenty of companies who are looking for sparky graduates to shape into great leaders but graduates are settling at the first companies that will take them.

So, how to not fall into this trap? Simply believe that you deserve to find a graduate job at a company you believe in and a company where you can constantly learn and develop. If you believe this, and refuse to settle for something you don't truly want, you will have the right mindset when searching for jobs.

Thinking working for the little guy won't lead to a good graduate scheme

When graduates leave university they often have little experience of searching for jobs. This often leads to them primarily looking for jobs at large companies that they know well. This really restricts the job market and leads to them being much more susceptible to accepting any job offer that comes their way.

Being able to, not only look at graduate schemes at large companies, but also entry level jobs and graduates schemes in small to medium sized companies, makes the choice of where you want to work and what you want to work on much more important - instead of just finding any job at a big company.

Not looking at job satisfaction when searching for a grad job

Now, the problem of not having a job search strategy that takes into account happiness, isn't really the fault of graduates. Job sites are set up to browse by occupation, they rarely take into account what the graduate likes in terms of interests and also things like company culture. Fortunately for you, we have created a unique job search site that does exactly this. Search for graduate jobs and internships at companies that share your interests and passions. Love sport? Apply for a job at Nike or the FA. People that find jobs through us feel far more engaged with their job role, as they are working for a company that they believe in and care about.

Another strategy would be to manually identify companies with whom you share their mission and love their products and then to find their jobs on their careers pages.

Weather you find a job you love though our job search site or by doing your own research; when you then go on to apply, if you are able to let your passion shine though, you will be already one step towards getting a job at a place you love.

Thinking that a generic cover letter will get you thorough to an interview

Being personal enough towards employers during the recruitment stage can be a big challenge for graduates. You need to stand out, but also send off a lot of applications. A great example can be found here by Laura and her application to AirBnB.

application for a graduate job laura loves

She was able to entirely personalise her application and AirBnB had no choice but to give her an interview (she then went on to get the job). Now, if you find a company where you would love to work more than anything, a strategy similar to Laura's could work. Alternatively, spending some time to really personalise each application will be really worth it.

So, you will hopefully now know how to go about finding the right graduate job for you and you won' be one of those 3 out of 5 people who hate their first graduate job. There are many other factors that come into play when looking for and getting a graduate job, but having the right mindset and strategy for applying can go a huge way.

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